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5:24F1 Hand Gesture Compilation!
F1 Hand Gesture Compilation!Vaatamised 33 tuh14 tundi tagasi
7:20The Key Role Of The Sim Driver In F1
The Key Role Of The Sim Driver In F1Vaatamised 327 tuhPäev tagasi
3:22RADIO REWIND! 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
RADIO REWIND! 2021 Azerbaijan Grand PrixVaatamised 346 tuh14 tundi tagasi
48:50F1 LIVE: Azerbaijan GP Post-Race Show
F1 LIVE: Azerbaijan GP Post-Race ShowVaatamised 1,1 mlnPäev tagasi
7:20Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
39:10F1 LIVE: Azerbaijan Grand Prix Build-Up!
F1 LIVE: Azerbaijan Grand Prix Build-Up!Vaatamised 621 tuh7 päeva tagasi
7:08Qualifying Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
2:56FP3 Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
FP3 Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand PrixVaatamised 962 tuh7 päeva tagasi
2:51FP2 Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
FP2 Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand PrixVaatamised 2,2 mln7 päeva tagasi


  • What a podium P1. Pierre Gasly 🇫🇷 P2. Carlos Sainz 🇪🇦 P3. Lance Stroll 🇨🇦

  • Thanks 😊 A lot DIpSHT!💜

  • 0:02 kimi: i shpun

  • David just cassualy flicking the bird at Michael is legendary

  • Hey F1, Why dont you release a video about top 10 moments of DC brilliance

  • Everyone: 🤌🏻🤌🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Lando: 👋🏻😁

  • ngl im not a big fan of lewis but i felt his sadness on 8:28

  • So ein krasses Renner das beste in 2021

  • He was probably trying not to say Grazie Regazzi and just thinking of something else to say lol

  • Gasly First Win

  • Hey Lando!

  • Last laps. Hamilton’s wheels lock. Mercedes: We enjoyed it while we had it.

  • Where's Nelson Piquet flipping Senna off while drifting through a corner?

  • "Hand Gesture Compilation" , Lando Norris : I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED

  • When Ayrton (Rain Master) Senna says there is too much rain then there is too much rain.

  • Ah, they didn't put Piquet flipping off Senna while drifting and overtaking him. Come on man

  • 🤌 means bono my tires are gone

  • forgot rosberg in 2016

  • Hand gestures:Mostly just for being mad

  • Yeah Hamilton can break rules...and he want get any penalty understood👍👍

  • Lol all the excitement of F1 and you take time out your day to make a waving compilation lol 🤣 I am absolutely astounded lol 🤣😜

  • They always find a way

  • At 2:00 Lewis cuts the chicane then squeezes Ricciardo to the wall, result is no penalty. But when Seb did the same at Canada 2019, they gave Vettel +5 secs penalty.

  • It’s all swearing and drivers being angry… then you get to the end and it’s Norris beginning the waves 🤣

  • All fun and games until Giovinazzi pulls out the italian hand gesture later on

  • Carlos and Lando. Never gets old.

  • How lovely Seb and Max demonstrating their respect for one another!

  • did they show the middle fingers in the races? i ve seen most of them at least from 2010 onward, but i cant remember especially vettel pointing to so many planes...

  • Stroll's "hand-gesture" to Mazepin should've been here

  • Maybe instead of promoting these, you should start issuing penalties. Profanity of any kind should be outlawed in sports.

  • 0:22 He‘s going for first.

  • FU Hand Gesture Compilation!

  • I love how this goes from middle fingers to Lando's waving to friends. He is such a great guy and making F1 better.

  • Daniel : 🤙🤙🤙 Perez : 🤌🤌🤌 Lando : 👋👋👋 Other : 🖕🖕🖕😠😠

    • ✊🏻 And the Italian.. Doesn't look the same, but kinda that

  • Racing is just a hobby for me. I don’t need to do it 😎

  • vettel goes straight on at a chicane comes back and hamilton has to lift the trottle a little bit, hamilton goes straight on at a chicane comes back and pushes riccardo almost against the wall guess who got a penalty and who didn’t get one.

  • That gesture from David Coulthard is something i will never forget.

    • You'd never guess from the slightly panicked commentary that Brundle was his manager!!!

  • Hamilton cutting Danny in Monaco 2016 isnt a penalty but Vettel cutting Hamilton in Canada is a penalty... maFIA rules

    • @Luka Vukovic I know but Riccardo Wasn't right next to Hamilton, like Vettel vs. Ham. Hamilton could not have complained if there had been a penalty. The situation in Canada was more dangerous.

    • @DarkSoulOfCinder89 Hamilton cut the chicane there too

    • Two different situations, Vettel makes a mistake And just got back on track and provoked an accident. When you leave the track, you no longer have the right to defend your position.

  • Everyone loves Lando and Carlos

  • props to Petrov for keeping a 2X world champ behind

  • This video is half ruthless half wholesome

  • Quite a few "going for first" gestures, but we all know, Mark Webber didn't go for it.

  • Basically third car plus in-season testing plus between session testing

  • Norris : just waves and max and sainz Netflix : write that down write that down!!!!

  • Most infamous one is Ric on Kimi in Monaco

  • 1:07 Sergio Perez: I'm italian now

  • Checo channeling his inner italian at 1:08

  • Do F1 swearing compilation

  • 4:32 XD he tried to talk

  • I never senna did that

  • 3:28 Hakkinen waving on his start line stall and then fears being shunted in the rear like Paletti so pulls his arms in to brace (while still trying to wave) for impact

  • I would like to see Alonso's gesture while climbing Beau Rivage. It seems hilarious on photos it was 2010 I guess

  • Where is Kimi pointing at the planes

  • Missing fuel refill

  • Where is KiMiN pointing at the planes

  • I was just waiting for Lando 👋🏽

  • Where is Kimi pointing at the planes?

  • 3:35 Nice one Mark. Vettel deserved that.

  • HAND OF RAGE!!! 😤🤌

  • Heinz-Harald Frentzen at Australia 1995 notably absent, especially with the commentary alongside! Also Hamilton's apologetic gesture to Leclerc as he passes him at Bahrain 2019 EDIT: oh, and there's one with Adrian Sutil gesturing at another driver *while passing them into Eau Rouge*. Can't remember who he passed or the year, but pretty sure he was in a Force India.

  • F1 presents: Gangsta Seb

  • Danny outbraking everyone like this is so dope

  • missed piquet's hand gesture to senna, or to salazar for that matter.

  • Why is it censored to say bad words but not hand gestures? XD

  • Sergio Perez really went full Italian in Monaco

  • Vettel v. Hamilton, Canada Penalty: Yes Hamilton v. Ricciardo, Monaco Penalty: No

  • A thing of beauty right there!

  • Bottas is getting replaced by Russell at British gp

  • i was expecting rediscovered footage of Piquet's "gesture" to Senna mid 4 wheel drift.

  • 3:42 that transition

  • Quite often, everybody's number one in Formula One.

  • What is this grand prix?

  • Imagine pulling the mid finger to someone at 250kmh/300kmh while driving an F1 car while millions of people are watching it from all around the world. F1 Drivers are badass.

  • Drona must learn from f1. What a beautiful effects

  • Why did u not blur the middle fingers I was with my parents

  • Oldies: 🖕🖕🖕🖕 Newbies: 👋👋👋👋

  • when u don't have anything to upload, You upload anything -someone

  • Love how they made a compilation and didn't include lando ricciardo Monaco scene which started the topic ! 😉

  • Ah yes, the international hand gesture for peace, love and understanding.

  • Some of them are just pointing at the bird, or drone, or whatever it is in the sky